Danish pool championships

Dybedyk fridykningFoto:Kimmo Lahtinen

August 2012

For the first time the Danish depth championships was organized in warm waters in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. Up to the competition I was in Dahab for a week to have some extra time to train. Unfortunately I had a lot of problems equalizing my ears and I wasn’t able to go deeper than 65-70m for a long time.

For the first day of the competition I had announced 80m FIM, this was only 1m from my personal best, and a lot deeper than I had been in training. The dive went well, but because of a lack of training the dive time was 3min 40sek which is very slow. Despite that I got to the surface without too much trouble. Just afterwards Jesper Stechmann set a new Danish national record with an amazing dive to 100m!

On day two I had announced 80m in constant weight, because it seemed to be as deep as the equalization would take me. The dive went really well without any problems, even the equalization seems to be sorted out and hopefully it will take me deeper next time. On the last day I did a 62m nofins dive which I hadn’t trained for at all, but it went very well!
In the overall category I finished second after Jesper Stechmann and Henning Larsen third.



Danish pool championships

Photo: Stig Severinsen

May 2012

After a long break from freediving I started training three weeks before the Danish national championships. But due to a bad foot I wasn’t able to train for the last week before the competition, fortunately the foot got better right before the competition so I decided to participate as planned.

On the first day of the competition we were doing static and dynamic. For my static dive I had a hard time finding the motivation for making a long dive, and I decided to make a safe 6min which would put me in a good place for the overall competition. Dynamic without fins went a little better and before I knew it I had turned on 150m, so I decided to do another small turn and it got me to 179m.

On the second day Lars had to dive 50m more than me to win. I was a little nervous for my foot which had been a bid swollen the previous day, but it wasn’t a problem. My dive went well and I managed to do a turn at 200m as planned and came up with 209m. This got me the overall first place at the Danish nationals. Camilla Salling Olsen took the gold for the women with some solid dives, and my sister got the third place.  



Danish pool championships

Danish freediving Champion Rune Hallum Photo: Nicolas Egedorf

November 2011

As an end to a long season I participated in Danish pool freediving championships which took place in Copenhagen. I wasn’t sure if I should take part in the competition or not because I felt that I needed a break after the world championships. But I chose to take part anyway mainly to support the event, and therefore cut down on the training after the worlds.

On the first day of the competition we were competing in dynamic without fins and static. I didn’t feel so motivated, and I had to fight a little to get thru the dives. In dynamic without fins I did a 177m dive, and I static I managed to push it to 6:27. Jesper Stechmann did a no fins dive to 180m, a very nice dive and a new personal best, and in static he managed to do 7:04. This meant that I had to swim 17m further than Jesper in the last discipline to win the Danish championships.

On the next day we had the last discipline which was dynamic – a discipline I hadn’t really been training since the team world championships in Okinawa last year. Everybody was expecting a lot of drama by the end of the competition, Jesper and I had to dive side by side. I managed to dig out some motivation to make a memorable end to this competition. Doing my dive I felt really strong, and decided to do the turn at 200m and keep going. I came up after 236m, with a new national record which was just enough to beat Jesper and become Danish champion in pool freediving. The female winner was Camilla Salling Olsen; she made some solid dives and a well deserved victory.  



AIDA Depth World Championships

Photo: Fred Buyle

September 2011

After theMediterranean World Cup it was time for the freediving depth World Championships outside the Greek city of Kalamata. The first discipline was constant weight without fins, where I just before had set a new Danish national record of 65m. I had been thinking a lot about what to announce, partly because I hadn’t had time to train this discipline since my 65m dive. Despite this I decided to announce a new Danish national record of 68m, for this to succeed I had to improve on a lot of things from my 65m dive. The plan was to get some more speed in the beginning of the dive and my freefall more efficient. Everything worked as planned, and before I knew it I meet the safety diver on the way up. In the surface I felt a lot better than on my 65m dive, which was partly due to the 20sek faster dive time.  

The second discipline was constant weight, and everything looked like there were going to be a lot of drama. The French team had a big TV crew, there were 15 announcements below 100m, and the four deepest guys were within 3m. I had announced 93m which is deeper than I have ever been, but I felt that it was possible on a good day. After my warm-ups I slowly went into the competition zone, and when I was passing line 3 I saw the first blackout, and when I got to my line there was another blackout were the safety diver had been down to pick him up. Only 7 of the athletes below 100 made their dive. Just before my dive I felt that I wasn’t as relaxed as I would like to be, and as soon as I started my dive I felt that I wasn’t relaxed enough. Therefore choose to stop my dive, because I knew that if I didn’t have the necessary relaxation I would be very hard to make my dive.

The last discipline was free immersion, it was the first time this discipline was a part of the WC program. Both Jesper Stechmann and I had decided to go for the national record. My announcement was a new Danish national record of 81m, 6m deeper than I had ever been before. The dive went a lot easier than I expected and I came up without any problems. Jesper Stechmann did a really nice dive to 88m, which was deeper than mine and Jesper therefore took the Danish record.



4th Mediterranean World Cup

September 2011

The competition was meant as a training competition before the World Championships, which is taking place at the same place right afterwards. This made it possible to get some extra training time in the Greek water just outside Kalamata.

On the first competition day I decided to do constant weight without fins, it not a discipline I have been training much. Last year I set a Danish record with 64m in this discipline, I therefore choose to announce a new Danish national record with 65m. The dive took a lot longer than my previous record, about 30-40sek more. This coursed that I was tiered in the surface, but I still managed to do the surface protocol, and got my dive approved as a new Danish national record.

The next day I decided to go for 75m in Free immersion (pull yourself up and down the rope). Doing the dive I was very focus on going faster than I did on my previous dive to 70 which had been way to slow. I managed to go a lot faster and the dive was really easy.

On the last competition day I announced 87m in constant weight. In training I hadn’t been deeper than 75m, but I decided to go for the 87m anyway. But also this time I couldn’t manage to go deep and ended up turning early at 75m – which gave me some penalty points.

The overall winner was calculated as a result of the three disciplines added together. I was really surprised to when I found out that I got the overall first place, because of the many big names on the list. A lot of people used the competition as training and therefore didn’t do all three disciplines.



Sponsorship extension - Nykredit

August 2011

Nykredit has sponsored me over the past year, which has helped me on the way to where I am today. I am therefore pleased to announce that we just have signed an agreement to extend the sponsorship for another year
I am looking forward to our cooperation in the coming year, with excitement to see what the year will bring. First of all I will be going to the depth World Championships from the first of September, where I am pleased to have Nykredits’ support.



Mini competition in Egypt

July 2011

The competition was meant as training before the depth world championships in Greece this September. We had been away for two week and spend most of the time in Dahab in the blue hole. The hole is 93m deep and a perfect place to freedive because of the good conditions with no current and almost no waves.

The competition was arranged as a minicamp in Sharm El Sheik through Only One Apnea Center, due to their great facilities and safety. I had announced 86m the day before the competition.

The evening before I started to feel a small cold in my throat, I couldn’t do anything besides hoping that it wouldn’t get worse before the competition. Fortunately it hadn’t got any worse the day after so I decided to go for the dive.  The warm-ups went fine and I felt more flexible than ever before.

Just before my dive I watched Jakob Hansen do a dive to 96m and a new Danish national record of 96m. With a little more than two minutes to my dive I was delayed 4minutes, which created a little confusion and interruption, but with help from my coach, Anna, I managed to keep my focus and relaxation for an additional four minutes. Then I began the dive everything went as planned, the equalization worked great and I managed to safely get down to 86m and back up



The Finish Championships 2011

Photo:Kimmo Lahtinen

May 2011

This competition was arranged with three different disciplines in one day, which made the competition really tough. The first discipline was “dynamic without fins”, which is where my main focus has been in training for a long time. I managed to dive to 200m, which is a new Nordic record beating Stig Severinsens former world record of 186m. I was a little tiered after the dive, but really satisfied that I got the 200m. Things are starting to look good for the world championships later this year.

The next discipline was static, it had only been two and a half hour since my no fins dive, and my body was a little tiered form it. I had a tough static dive, and decided to try to beat Mikko Pöntinen and go for the overall victory. I made a safe dive to 6:26.

The last discipline was dynamic, I again decided to make a safe dive and go for the overall victory. The dive was 166m, which is less than my no fins dive. That secured me the overall victory of the Finish open 2011 followed by Mikko Pöntinen on a second place and Jonérik Ekström thired.



The Swedish Championships 2011

Photo: Ulf Lindberg

Marts 2011

The Swedish championships started with static late Friday evening and I had my official top at ten. Doing the last three days up the competition I had been sick and lost five kilo, therefore I didn’t expect much. I decided to do some warm ups to see how my body was feeling, and to my surprise it went very well. I managed to do 7min and 55sek, which in a new personal best that I am really happy with. When we went back out to the car after the static competition, a lot of stuff had been stolen from the car including my two suits and my neck weight. 

Therefore I was forced to swim without a suit and with a neck weight that was a little bit too heavy. And that meant that I couldn’t do the result I had hoped for. I managed to do 154m without fins and 200m with, and I came up pretty fresh after both dives, which I am satisfied with. Overall I got the most points, so if I had been Swedish I would have won the competition.



World ranking 2010

Photo: Nicolas Egedorf

January 2011

2010 has been a really good year, where I have had the opportunity to go to many competitions and. Therefore I managed to make some good results, e.g. I won the team world championship with Jesper Stechmann and Jakob Hansen

The world ranking from 2010 has just been published, and the wildcards has been distributed. (A wildcard qualifies one to the world championships 2011)

The World’s absolute Freediver Award has also been distributed to the freediver with larges about of point in a total of all disciplines. I managed to get a 3rd place. More info here

Wildcards are given to top 10 on the world ranking in the different disciplines, and I got three this year:

  • 4th place on the world ranking (DYN)
  • 7th place on the world ranking (CNF)
  • 9th place on the world ranking (STA)

Denmark totally succeeded in getting 11 wildcards and Aarhus freediving club is responsible for 7 of these. Check out all wildcard here


Triple Depth - CNF (3/3)

September 2010

Today was the last day of the competition, and discipline where constant weight without fins. It is known as the toughest discipline in freediving, and I had announced a new Danish record of 64m. I was a little stressed out before the dive, and the equalization didn’t work as well as it should. Anyway I managed to get down to 64m, and the swim back up was relatively tough due to that I have only trained this discipline a few times.  The dive was approved and I am now holder of the Danish national record in constant weight without fins. Check out the dive profile here.

Besides that I managed to get the most points in the competition and I was the overall winner of the Triple Depth 2010


Triple Depth - CWT (2/3)

September 2010

Another white card! Today I dove to 80m with fins. The dive went very well and felt pretty easy. After getting the equalization down, I have been able get deeper doing the last couple of days. And I am convinced that I can get even deeper. Check out the dive profile here.

I coached Jakob Hansen on his dive to 94m, he managed to make the dive, came up with a big smile on his face and a new national record.


Triple Depth - FIM (1/3)


September 2010

Triple depth has begun; the competition includes three different depth disciplines. On the first day free immersion, the second day is constant weight, and the last day is constant weight without fins. Today we started out with free immersion, I had announced 70m. It was my first real free immersion dive every.

I made my dive and got a white card. The dive time was 3:18 which is very slow. This is primarily due to that I had never done this discipline before, but also that my lanyard was stuck on a knot at the bottom. Because of the slow dive time the counter ballast was released (as a safety precaution), but it was stopped pretty fast again because they could see me. Check out the dive profile here


New sponsorship with Nykredit

September 2010

From the 1th September 2010 I have made an agreement with Nykredit about a new sponsorship, which I am glad to be a part of. This is going to help me financially in the future.


Team World Championship - DYN (3/3)


July 2010

It was time for the final discipline for the world championships, dynamic. Our first guy in the water was Jakob Hansen. He had a fantastic dive to 208m, which gave us a good position right from the beginning.  Short after it was my turn, I had a really good dive and managed to set a new Danish national record of 229m. The gold medals were getting closer, but we still had our last diver left. Jesper Stechmann had an incredible dive to 229m and we are now sharing the national record.

After Jespers dive we had to wait and see what the French and the Japanese where able to do. But they didn’t have a chance, and we ended up with the most points in dynamic. This gave us the gold medal!

Jakob Hansen, Jesper Stechman, Rune Hallum,
Captain Henning Larsen and coatch Stig Severinsen


Team World Championship - STA (2/3)


July 2010

The second discipline was static, and it was here we had to catch up with the Japanese, who got a little ahead after the depth. I was the first in the water and had I tough dive to 6min 53sek, it was a little less than expected. A lot of other people seemed to hold their breath less than they expected, maybe it was the air in the pool or maybe just the nerves.  Jakob was our next guy in the water; he had a good dive to 7min and 23sek. And last we had Jesper he managed to push himself to 7min and 7sek. With these results we won the static event and pass the Japanese overall.

The position is now 506.6points to Denmark, 501.4points to Japan, and 488.8 points to France. Noting is determined yet, we still have the dynamic event. In dynamic both Japan and we are very strong.


Team World Championship - CWT(1/3)


July 2010

The world championship has now started here in Japan. The team world championship consists of the different disciplines and there is three people on each team. The three divers each have to dive three times one in each discipline; the first discipline is deep diving. Jakob Hansen and Jesper Stechmann both announced 90m and I announced 70m. We all made our dives safely, and we therefore now have 250 points. We are in the second place in the competition right after Japan. Noting is determined yet there is still two disciplines left, which will be held on the 9th and 1th of July.   


Team statisk Rekordforsøg

June 2010

We decided to show the Danish national freediving team (Jester Stechmann, Jakob Hansen, Rune Hallum og Stig Severinsen as coach) at “Kolding storcenter”.  We would attempt to break world record in team static, which is an unofficial discipline, where three athletes hold their breath one at a time. Before the first athlete comes up the second have to be down.

The goal was to break the current record of 20min and 8sek. We each had to hold our breath around 7min. Jakob was first, and after almost 7min he signaled for me to start my dive.  Jakob came up nice and controlled after 7min. after a little more than 14 min I signaled to Jesper that he should be ready, but I could feel that I had to come up and I came up a few second before Jesper was ready. After 20min and 58sek Jesper came up with a dive just under 7 min.

Due to my bad transition the record wasn’t approved. We each had a good dive and feel that we are ready for the world championship in Japan


Qualifications to the team VC 2010

Jesper Stechmann - Jakob Hansen - Maria Livbjerg - Rune Hallum Sørensen
May 2010

My biggest goal this year was to qualify for the team WC 2010 in Japan. There was room for three on the team and a reserve. The spots were given to the three with the most points total in dynamic, static, and constant weight in from 30th of August 2009 to the 30the of April 2010. The result from the qualifications turned out like this:

  1. Jesper Stechmann 285,6points
  2. Jakob Hansen 261 points
  3. Rune Hallum Sørensen 254,6 points
  4. Henning Larsen 240 point s

This means that I am on the team as the third guy. We have two months to do the last training and get the strategy down.


Polish Freediving Championship

Marts 2010

Up to this competition I have been focusing mainly on static and I was hoping on a big improvement. This competition started out really well, with a good and relaxed static dive with 7:23 and Elisabeth Kristoffersen as coach. This is 30sek more than I previously had done in competitions which I am really happy about.

My dynamic dive didn’t go as well as I had hoped. The dive was hard and I choose to make it save and went up at 175m. This gave me this overall second place. It was a big and well organized competition with 40 athletes. The overall winner was Robert Cetler from Poland and for the women Elisabeth Kristoffersen won.

On Sunday I took part in another completion without fins. I was diving last, so I was keeping an eye on the other athletes to know how far I had to swim to win the competition.  Sergio Martinez Alvarez had just dived to 125m, and I was expecting to win by beating that. Mentally I had a tough dive, and choose to make it safe and came up with 137m. Apparently I had overseen that Michal Mrozowski from Poland had done 144m. So I ended up with another second place.


12th Berlin Masters Cup

February 2010

This competition was an opportunity for me to get more points to the qualification for the world championship

The first discipline was static and I managed to make a new personal best of 6min 53sek. In my training I have be focusing mainly on static and my goal was therefore mainly to do a good static. After this I knew that I had to swim 14m more than Robert Cetler from Poland to win the competition. But I had to swim at the same time as him, so I didn’t know how far that was.

I was hoping to turn at 200m, but I could feel that it wasn’t my best dive and i had to stop at 200. I didn’t touch the wall, and therefore it only counts as 199m.  Robert Cetler has had some good dive, and I needed to swim 4meters further to take the first place. Overall I got a second place which I am satisfied with.

Jesper Stechmann took part in the competition despite being sick, and couldn’t perform as well as he had hoped. Jakob Hansen was the second best place Dane with an overall firth place.


12th Long Night of Apnea

November 2009

My goal with the competition was to make a good static dive for the qualification to the world championship 2010 in Japan. I managed to make a new personal best of 6min 29sek, which properly is enough to qualify me to the WC, but the it’s still far away so noting is sure yet.

Dynamic didn’t go as well as I had hoped, i had a hard time relaxing and choose to quite after 150m

16x50 is a discipline which is unique to this competition. In this discipline you have to dive 50m 16 times as fast as possible it was my first time trying this, and I did better than expected, my time was 16:32.

Overall I ended up with a third place. Jesper Stechmann (DK) took the second place and the first place went to Robert Cetler. Among women Christina Kümmel (DK) won the overall first place.


Individual AIDA Verdensmesterskab

August 2009

This world championship was the biggest freediving event in history and it took place in Aarhus, Denmark. I was qualified in both the dynamic disciplines.

In dynamic without fins I dove to 155m, but got disqualified because I didn’t manage to keep my mouth above water after I broke the surface. Lars Strandridder did a dive to 155m too, and he qualified for the B-final.

In the qualification for dynamic with fins everything went as well as I had hoped. I got a approved dive to 206m, which makes me the youngest ever to pass 200m. The dive was just long enough for me to qualify for the A-final. I was therefore sure to at least get an 8th place.

In the final I dove to 210m, but I got disqualified for coming up to the wrong side, with my back to the judges. If I have had more energy left I could have turned around and faced the judges, and I would have got the 4th place.

I am really happy with the result as number 8 at my first world championship.



2nd Mediterranean freediving Meeting

July 2009

The competition took place on the Greek island of Crete, in a small town named Sougia. First we had a week of training and after that a week of competition. The conditions were perfect, around 20m visibility, water temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius, almost no waves, no current and not too warm weather.

There was a lot of good Danish result; I managed to do 63m in constant weight, and 48m without fins. Jesper Stechmann managed to set a new Danish national record of 91m in constant weight.  Maria Livbjerg took the Danish national record for females with a dive to 65m. Jakob Hansen was very close to the record with his dive to 85m



Aarhus Triple Challenge 2009

June 2009

Aarhus Triple Challenge was my last chance to qualify for the world championship. The competition took place as the same pool as I train in, and where the world championship is being held.

On the first day i choose to drop static so I could focus completely on dynamic. I managed to dive 196m which is a new personal best and enough to qualify me to the world championship. Lars Strandridder got a good dive in dynamic without fins; he did 157m which was a new personal best for him, and enough to qualify him for the WC.

On the second day i tried to qualify myself to the WC in dynamic without fins. I managed to dive 153m, a new personal best and enough to qualify me to the world championship. Lars Strandridder dove 177m in dynamic, and that was just enough to qualify him for the world championship. See the results here


USG Club Championships 2009

May 2009

On the 2nd of May I was competing at the USG club championships trying to qualify for the world championship which is taking place in Aarhus this year.

There were a lot of great results, including a lot of first time competitors. Josefine Jørgensn sat a new Danish national record in dynamic without fins, but soon after the record was beaten by Maria Livbjerg with a dive to 139m

The competition also went really well for me; I made two new personal best and got an overall second place. I finally passed the six minutes with a dive to 6:15, and in dynamic without fins I did 142m


11th Berlin Masters Cup

February 2009

In Berlin Denmark was dominating. In top 10 among men we had six Danes. Jesper Stechmann and Josephine Jørgensen won overall, both with a large victory.

With a dive to 162m and a static of 5:40, I did really well and got the overall second place. So I am very satisfied with the competition. Check out the result here.


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